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Make your work trip or vacation comfortable and special thanks to the complete line of travel accessories by Campo Marzio: elegant, colourful and useful for organising each stage of your itinerary!

Bring home the joy and fond memories of a trip by means of a quality product.

Travel Accessories





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  1. Travel Perfume Kit
    Travel Perfume Kit
    As low as €35.00
  2. Passport Holder
    Passport Holder
    As low as €24.00
  3. Moda Small Journal Cover
    Moda Small Journal Cover
    As low as €39.00
  4. Travel Speaker
    Travel Speaker
    As low as €35.00
  5. Liz Travel Tote Bag
    Liz Travel Tote Bag
    As low as €65.00 was €130.00
  6. Currency Holder Nellie
    Currency Holder Nellie
    As low as €28.00 was €35.00
  7. Travel Bag Roald
    Travel Bag Roald
    As low as €198.00
  8. Travel Bag Petite Roald
    Travel Bag Petite Roald
    As low as €168.00
  9. Passport Holder Gunther
    Passport Holder Gunther
    As low as €65.00
  10. Case Juan
    Case Juan
    As low as €26.00
Set Descending Direction

10 Items

per page

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