Spring Summer 23

The new Spring-Summer 2023 collection, designed both for her and for him, represents the epitome of Italian design virtuosity.

A refined selection of extremely colourful bags, backpacks, wallets and accessories, perfectly designed around the concepts of essentiality, contrast and practicality.

Coming in different shapes, sizes and materials, all the products of this collection are versatile, lively and durable.

Spring - Summer





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  1. Audrey Small Wallet
    Audrey Small Wallet
    As low as €55.00
  2. Dubai Document Bag
    Dubai Document Bag
    As low as €159.00
  3. Melbourne Phone Holder
    Melbourne Phone Holder
    As low as €49.00
  4. Berlin Travel Wallet
    Berlin Travel Wallet
    As low as €79.00
  5. Atlanta Passport Holder
    Atlanta Passport Holder
    As low as €29.00
  6. Meryl Baguette Bag
    Meryl Baguette Bag
    As low as €75.00
  7. Michelle Trousse
    Michelle Trousse
    As low as €39.00
  8. Badge Holder for Neck
    Badge Holder for Neck
    As low as €55.00
  9. Brussels Cord Case
    Brussels Cord Case
    As low as €49.00
  10. Prague Pencil Case
    Prague Pencil Case
    As low as €20.00
  11. Madrid Backpack 13"
    Madrid Backpack 13"
    As low as €139.00
  12. Blair Shoulder Bag
    Blair Shoulder Bag
    As low as €139.00
  13. Alexa Handbag
    Alexa Handbag
    As low as €119.00
  14. Kym Saddle Bag
    Kym Saddle Bag
    As low as €79.00
Set Descending Direction

Items 37-50 of 50

per page

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