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Smart Business embodies the spirit of dynamic people like you, always ready to face new challenges.

Every accessory is studied to the last detail and represents Campo Marzio’s characteristic blend of functionality and style.

This line stands out for its unique organisation of space. You’ll be amazed by its contemporary design and spacious shapes that can be extended for a variety of uses. The perfect choice to complement your office, university or business-trip looks.

Smart Business





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  1. Medium Backpack 13"
    Medium Backpack 13"
    As low as £105.00
  2. Urban Backpack 11"
    Urban Backpack 11"
    As low as £83.00
  3. Laptop Holder 15.6"
    Laptop Holder 15.6"
    As low as £140.00
  4. Laptop Holder 13"
    Laptop Holder 13"
    As low as £120.00
  5. Laptop Holder 15" Slim
    Laptop Holder 15" Slim
    As low as £65.00
Set Descending Direction

5 Items

per page

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