Fall Winter 2022

Seven are the wonders of the world to be discovered. Infinite are those a city like Rome provides and hides.

Colour, versatility and liveliness are the values that have always distinguished Campo Marzio and which, in a perfect mix, now come to life through the story of the new Fall - Winter 2022 Collection.

Let us accompany you on a journey through an extraordinary and hidden Rome. A city to be savoured, from morning to night. A city to write and to dream.

Fall - Winter





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  1. Acropolis Roller Pen
    Acropolis Roller Pen
    As low as £48.00
  2. Acropolis Fountain Pen
    Acropolis Fountain Pen
    As low as £50.00
  3. Tote Bag
    Tote Bag
    As low as £97.30 was £135.00
  4. Acropolis Ballpoint Pen
    Acropolis Ballpoint Pen
    As low as £31.00
  5. Handbag With Inner Bag
    Handbag With Inner Bag
    As low as £110.00
Set Descending Direction

5 Items

per page

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