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Discover the incredible convenience of Campo Marzio men’s and women’s document holders.

Thin and compact by definition, these document holders are the ideal accessory for always carrying with you your documents, bank notes, credit cards and store loyalty cards.

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Set Descending Direction

8 Items

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  1. Business Card Holder W/Magnet
    Business Card Holder W/Magnet
    As low as HK$290.00
  2. Cambridge Wallet
    Cambridge Wallet
    As low as HK$330.00
  3. Pocket Man Wallet
    Pocket Man Wallet
    As low as HK$430.00
  4. Fidelity Card Holder
    Fidelity Card Holder
    As low as HK$275.00
  5. Jean Louis Bicolour Wallet
    Jean Louis Bicolour Wallet
    As low as HK$320.00
  6. Amadeo Credit Card Holder
    Amadeo Credit Card Holder
    As low as HK$0.00
  7. Credit Card Holder Vanderbilt
    Credit Card Holder Vanderbilt
    As low as HK$430.00
  8. Romy Business Card Holder
    Romy Business Card Holder
    As low as HK$430.00
Set Descending Direction

8 Items

per page

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