Business and office

Practicality and modern style distinguish the Business products by Campo Marzio.

From document holders to desk accessories, Campo Marzio satisfies the needs of the business and leisure sectors.

Perfect for completing your look at the office, in town, at the university or at home.

Business and office






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  1. Round  Pen Holder
    Round Pen Holder
    As low as HK$310.00
  2. Desk Pad Metal Plate
    Desk Pad Metal Plate
    As low as HK$870.00
  3. New Desk Business Card Holder
    New Desk Business Card Holder
    As low as HK$310.00
  4. Memo Card Holder
    Memo Card Holder
    As low as HK$360.00
  5. Photo Frame 13X18
    Photo Frame 13X18
    As low as HK$650.00
  6. Desk Organizer
    Desk Organizer
    As low as HK$823.00
  7. Business Card Holder W/Magnet
    Business Card Holder W/Magnet
    As low as HK$290.00
  8. Portfolio Zip A4
    Portfolio Zip A4
    As low as HK$1,070.00
  9. Japanese Document Holder Double Color
    Japanese Document Holder Double Color
    As low as HK$540.00
  10. Portfolio Clip A5
    Portfolio Clip A5
    As low as HK$428.00
  11. Portfolio A4 Saffiano
    Portfolio A4 Saffiano
    As low as HK$930.00
  12. Moda Eco Computer Bag
    Moda Eco Computer Bag
    As low as HK$1,420.00
  13. Document Holder 25*33,5*2,5
    Document Holder 25*33,5*2,5
    As low as HK$1,300.00
  14. Toscana Briefcase
    Toscana Briefcase
    As low as HK$1,415.00
  15. Laptop Sleeve 13"
    Laptop Sleeve 13"
    As low as HK$933.00
  16. Franz Cover A4
    Franz Cover A4
    As low as HK$540.00
  17. Fedor Document Holder
    Fedor Document Holder
    As low as HK$540.00
  18. Charlton Journal
    Charlton Journal
    As low as HK$275.00
  19. Document Holder Carson
    Document Holder Carson
    As low as HK$210.00
  20. Desk Set Cartesio
    Desk Set Cartesio
    As low as HK$1,090.00
  21. Desk Organiser Voltaire
    Desk Organiser Voltaire
    As low as HK$870.00
  22. Portfolio Clip A5 Darwin
    Portfolio Clip A5 Darwin
    As low as HK$430.00
  23. Portfolio Clip A4 Hudson
    Portfolio Clip A4 Hudson
    As low as HK$540.00
  24. James Cover A6
    James Cover A6
    As low as HK$330.00
Set Descending Direction

24 Items

per page

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