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Discover all the latest social network trends and the most currently in-vogue accessories thanks to the innovative #InstagramStyle selection by Campo Marzio.

The Campo Marzio digital team will periodically check the most important social network feeds in order to offer an edgy collection of bags and accessories that reflect the colours, shapes and most influential trends of the moment.

It’s like having your very own consultant just a click – or a #Like – away!






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  1. Andre Trousse
    Andre Trousse
    As low as HK$290.00
  2. Renee Clutch
    Renee Clutch
    As low as HK$600.00
  3. Franz Cover A4
    Franz Cover A4
    As low as HK$490.00
  4. Belt Bag
    Belt Bag
    As low as HK$295.00
Set Descending Direction

4 Items

per page

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