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Elegant and timeless, the Campo Marzio handbags are perfect for making any outfit chic.

Lose yourself in the brilliant colours of our purse collection and find the one best suited to your needs and taste. You just have to make up your mind!






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  1. Anita Bucket Bag
    Anita Bucket Bag
    As low as $268.00
  2. Claire Mini Bag
    Claire Mini Bag
    As low as $90.00
  3. Jeanne Bucket Bag
    Jeanne Bucket Bag
  4. Mini Bag Nahui
    Mini Bag Nahui
    As low as $114.00
  5. Backpack and Bag Loie
    Backpack and Bag Loie
    As low as $170.00
  6. Maxi Bag Liz
    Maxi Bag Liz
    As low as $212.00
  7. Bag Cover Large
    Bag Cover Large
    As low as $19.00
  8. Bag Cover Medium
    Bag Cover Medium
    As low as $19.00
  9. Handbag With Crossbody Strap
    Handbag With Crossbody Strap
    As low as $95.00
  10. Handbag With Inner Bag
    Handbag With Inner Bag
    As low as $150.00
  11. Handbag
    As low as $110.00
Set Descending Direction

11 Items

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