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When the extraordinary encounters the quotidian. The styling of the new Campo Marzio collection, intended for him and her:

Jaunter – for those who demand style and practicality, even though they are always on the move.
Smart Business – contemporary styling, soft shapes and surprising versatility. So smart!
Plush – designed for all the women with a lot of personality, passion and independent spirit.

Fall / Winter





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  1. Shopping Bag Ofelia
    Shopping Bag Ofelia
    As low as $197.62
  2. Mini Bag Nahui
    Mini Bag Nahui
    As low as $87.23 was $109.03
  3. Backpack and Bag Loie
    Backpack and Bag Loie
    As low as $130.84 was $163.55
  4. Currency Holder Nellie
    Currency Holder Nellie
    As low as $38.16 was $47.70
  5. Purse Lilli
    Purse Lilli
    As low as $32.71 was $40.89
  6. Purse and Wallet Anne
    Purse and Wallet Anne
    As low as $38.16 was $47.70
  7. Travel Bag Roald
    Travel Bag Roald
    As low as $269.85
  8. Travel Bag Petite Roald
    Travel Bag Petite Roald
    As low as $228.97
  9. Maxi Bag Liz
    Maxi Bag Liz
    As low as $201.71
  10. Backpack 13" Jule
    Backpack 13" Jule
    As low as $197.62
  11. Passport Holder Gunther
    Passport Holder Gunther
    As low as $88.59
  12. Backpack and Folder Jack
    Backpack and Folder Jack
    As low as $170.36
  13. Backpack medium 13" Jules
    Backpack medium 13" Jules
    As low as $121.30
  14. Backpack 11" Small Isabella
    Backpack 11" Small Isabella
    As low as $107.67
  15. Laptop Holder 15,6" Willem
    Laptop Holder 15,6" Willem
    As low as $148.56
  16. Case Juan
    Case Juan
    As low as $35.44
  17. Briefcase Medium 13" Edmund
    Briefcase Medium 13" Edmund
    As low as $80.41
Set Descending Direction

17 Items

per page

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