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Any birthdays coming up?

Discover the excellent selection of fine birthday gifts we have designed for you: colourful, original, useful and lots of fun. For all tastes (even the most demanding!) and budgets.

And don’t forget: the iconic Campo Marzio gift presentation is always free of charge!






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  1. Filigree Roller
    Filigree Roller
    As low as $98.00
  2. Filigree Fountain Pen
    Filigree Fountain Pen
    As low as $78.40 was $112.00
  3. Filigree Ballpoint
    Filigree Ballpoint
    As low as $70.00
  4. Siena Ballpoint Pen
    Siena Ballpoint Pen
    As low as $65.00
  5. Swing Key Holder
    Swing Key Holder
    As low as $42.00
  6. Toscana Briefcase
    Toscana Briefcase
    As low as $183.00
  7. Fedor Document Holder
    Fedor Document Holder
    As low as $70.00
  8. Shirley Wallet
    Shirley Wallet
    As low as $65.00
  9. Charlotte Wallet Bag
    Charlotte Wallet Bag
    As low as $77.00 was $110.00
  10. Purse and Wallet Anne
    Purse and Wallet Anne
    As low as $35.00 was $50.00
Set Descending Direction

10 Items

per page

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