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Is it the last day of work for a dear colleague going into retirement? Make it special and memorable with a Campo Marzio gift!

Discover our recommendations, shop around among the Campo Marzio gift ideas and select the one that best meets your requirements.

For an unforgettable memory, a wish for a fantastic new chapter in their life!






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  1. Photo Frame 13X18
    Photo Frame 13X18
    As low as $64.33 was $80.41
  2. Filigree Roller
    Filigree Roller
    As low as $88.59
  3. Ambassador  Fountain Pen
    Ambassador Fountain Pen
    As low as $88.32 was $110.39
  4. Filigree Fountain Pen
    Filigree Fountain Pen
    As low as $81.77 was $102.22
  5. Filigree Ballpoint
    Filigree Ballpoint
    As low as $66.78
  6. Moda Small Journal Cover
    Moda Small Journal Cover
    As low as $53.15
  7. Laquered Bijoux Pen
    Laquered Bijoux Pen
    As low as $54.52 was $68.15
  8. Small Messenger
    Small Messenger
    As low as $242.60
  9. Classic Coin Wallet
    Classic Coin Wallet
    As low as $80.41
  10. Shopping Bag Ofelia
    Shopping Bag Ofelia
    As low as $197.62
  11. Travel Bag Petite Roald
    Travel Bag Petite Roald
    As low as $228.97
  12. Maxi Bag Liz
    Maxi Bag Liz
    As low as $201.71
  13. Passport Holder Gunther
    Passport Holder Gunther
    As low as $88.59
Set Descending Direction

13 Items

per page

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