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The iconic allure and extraordinary Italian creative flair exemplified by the Campo Marzio style are the essential ingredients for finding that perfect gift for a modern “trendsetter”: a dynamic, innovative sort of person who eschews passing fashions, preferring to create their own day by day.

Discover the sophisticated selection of Campo Marzio gift ideas for trendsetters: from soft underarm document holders featuring bold chromatic contrasts to the extremely elegant customisable fountain pens, all the way to the smart business card holders.

You are sure to find the gift idea that’s right for you. Are you ready to surprise and be surprised yourself?

Gifts for trendsetters





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  1. Elite Roller Pen
    Elite Roller Pen
    A partire da 59,00 €
  2. Forbes Fountain Pen
    Forbes Fountain Pen
    A partire da 29,00 €
  3. Minny Ballpoint
    Minny Ballpoint
    A partire da 19,00 €
  4. Toscana Briefcase
    Toscana Briefcase
    A partire da 129,00 €
  5. Fedor Document Holder
    Fedor Document Holder
    A partire da 49,00 €
  6. Roger Block Note Cover A4
    Roger Block Note Cover A4
    A partire da 35,00 €
  7. Edwin Backpack
    Edwin Backpack
    A partire da 80,00 €
  8. Trousse Bessie
    Trousse Bessie
    A partire da 39,00 €
  9. Backpack and Bag Loie
    Backpack and Bag Loie
    A partire da 120,00 €
  10. Travel Bag Petite Roald
    Travel Bag Petite Roald
    A partire da 169,00 €
  11. Case Juan
    Case Juan
    A partire da 25,00 €
Imposta la direzione decrescente

11 elementi

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