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For more than 80 years Campo Marzio has been combining classic tradition and artisanal values with modern, contemporary design in order to obtain products that are elegant, colourful and right in fashion.

Campo Marzio’s Corporate Gift Division, serving Companies and Institutions, has over many years developed a unique corporate gift service which it proudly offers, characterised by a wide range of special customisation possibilities.

In this context one finds the BeSpoke project, in which a team of designers, prototypers and craftsmen bring to life our customer’s briefs, designing and creating exclusive products and customised gifts, all done with the care and devotion to detail that only Campo Marzio is capable of providing: from the idea to the realisation of the product, including regular packaging and special gift presentations.

Discover the excellent selection of corporate gifts and get in touch with our Corporate Gift team: together we will be able to come up with the perfect gift for any occasion or event on your calendar.

Corporate gifts





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  1. Button Collector Box
    Button Collector Box
    A partire da 29,00 €
  2. Acropolis Roller Pen
    Acropolis Roller Pen
    A partire da 45,00 €
  3. Acropolis Fountain Pen
    Acropolis Fountain Pen
    A partire da 49,00 €
  4. Forbes Fountain Pen
    Forbes Fountain Pen
    A partire da 29,00 €
  5. Portfolio Zip A4
    Portfolio Zip A4
    A partire da 99,00 €
  6. Japanese Document Holder Double Color
    Japanese Document Holder Double Color
    A partire da 49,00 €
  7. Credit Card Holder Leather
    Credit Card Holder Leather
    A partire da 59,00 €
  8. Luggage Tag
    Luggage Tag
    A partire da 19,00 €
  9. Fedor Document Holder
    Fedor Document Holder
    A partire da 49,00 €
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