Medium Jewel Case - Ocean Blue

Medium Jewel Case - Ocean Blue

Medium Jewel Case - Ocean Blue

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Store your treasures in this classical and stylish Jewelry box, reinvented by Campo Marzio in a colorful and fashionable way. Soft and colored suede-leather, 2 trays, removable section, with lots of compartments for your cherished jewels. This soft padded suede interior jewel case comes with a functional and secure lock closure.  Two tiers for all your jewels and valuable objects.  Campo Marzio Jewel Case might be the perfect present for any birthday or special occasion.

Size (LxWxH) 239,0 x 220,0 x 160,0 mm

Maggiori Informazioni
Choose Colour Ocean Blue
Destination Unisex
Material Bounded Leather
Brand Campo Marzio 1933

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