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Key holders, pen holders, card holders… bring everything you need with you, thanks to discounts up to 50% on accessories!

With the original Campo Marzio’s accessories you will add a chic touch to your look.

Do not miss this opportunity to characterize your style with Campo Marzio accessories!

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  1. Luggage Tag
    Luggage Tag
    A partire da 19,00 €
  2. Laptop Sleeve 13"
    Laptop Sleeve 13"
    A partire da 69,00 €
  3. Paul Trousse
    Paul Trousse
    A partire da 25,00 €
  4. Masks for Kids
    Masks for Kids
    A partire da 19,00 €
  5. Currency Holder Nellie
    Currency Holder Nellie
    A partire da 35,00 €
  6. Multi-use Pouch
    Multi-use Pouch
    A partire da 19,00 €
  7. Multi-use Small Pouch
    Multi-use Small Pouch
    A partire da 17,00 €
  8. Mini Round Pouch Dispenser
    Mini Round Pouch Dispenser
    A partire da 14,00 €
  9. Bag Cover Large
    Bag Cover Large
    A partire da 22,00 €
  10. Bag Cover Medium
    Bag Cover Medium
    A partire da 18,00 €
  11. Ladylove Suede Keyring
    Ladylove Suede Keyring
    A partire da 20,00 €
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11 elementi

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