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Super sales up to 50% on Campo Marzio's colorful bags and comfortable backpacks.

Shopping bags, mini bags, backpacks for work or free time, choose the style you prefer!

Ready to fall in love with the capacity, versatility and originality of these wonderful accessories?

Bags and Backpacks





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  1. Pc Bag 15"
    Pc Bag 15"
    A partire da 99,00 €
  2. Messenger 37*28*8
    Messenger 37*28*8
    A partire da 209,00 €
  3. Fannie Backpack Handbag
    Fannie Backpack Handbag
    A partire da 130,00 €
  4. Shopping Bag Danielle
    Shopping Bag Danielle
    A partire da 130,00 €
  5. Mini Bag Nahui
    Mini Bag Nahui
    A partire da 80,00 €
  6. Backpack and Bag Loie
    Backpack and Bag Loie
    A partire da 120,00 €
  7. Travel Bag Roald
    Travel Bag Roald
    A partire da 199,00 €
  8. Travel Bag Petite Roald
    Travel Bag Petite Roald
    A partire da 169,00 €
  9. Maxi Bag Liz
    Maxi Bag Liz
    A partire da 149,00 €
  10. Bag Cover Large
    Bag Cover Large
    A partire da 22,00 €
  11. Bag Cover Medium
    Bag Cover Medium
    A partire da 18,00 €
  12. Belt Bag
    Belt Bag
    A partire da 29,00 €
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12 elementi

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