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The perfect wallet is waiting for you, take advantage of the Campo Marzio sales up to 50%!

Choose size, colour and material, there’s a wallet for everyone!

Women's wallets and men's wallets will characterize your style with the refined touch of Campo Marzio.

Discover now the extraordinary summer sales designed for you by Campo Marzio!

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  1. Sorbonne Wallet
    Sorbonne Wallet
    A partire da 116,00 €
  2. Charlotte Wallet Bag
    Charlotte Wallet Bag
    A partire da 80,00 €
  3. Nanà Wallet
    Nanà Wallet
    A partire da 90,00 €
  4. Vanessa Wallet
    Vanessa Wallet
    A partire da 70,00 €
  5. Purse Lilli
    Purse Lilli
    A partire da 30,00 €
  6. Purse and Wallet Anne
    Purse and Wallet Anne
    A partire da 35,00 €
  7. Romy Business Card Holder
    Romy Business Card Holder
    A partire da 40,00 €
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7 elementi

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