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The line of small accessories and small leather goods by Campo Marzio, masterfully combining performance and elegance, has been conceived to offer products featuring brilliant design in which timeless shapes and top-quality materials converge with the thrill of chromatic magic.

For yourself or for giving as a gift to a loved one, discover all the small accessories that combine the Italian flair for design, high quality and vivacity.

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  1. Kirk Sunglasses
    Kirk Sunglasses
    As low as €29.00
  2. Jo Sunglasses
    Jo Sunglasses
    As low as €35.00
  3. Badge Holder
    Badge Holder
    As low as €35.00
  4. Phone Holder With Crossbody Strap
    Phone Holder With Crossbody Strap
    As low as €24.50 Regular Price €49.00
  5. Headphone Case
    Headphone Case
    As low as €39.00
  6. Pet Collar Small
    Pet Collar Small
    As low as €22.00
  7. Dog Waste Bag Dispenser
    Dog Waste Bag Dispenser
    As low as €16.00
  8. Pet Leash
    Pet Leash
    As low as €27.00
  9. Pet Collar Medium
    Pet Collar Medium
    As low as €22.00
  10. Reading Glasses Riva 1.0
    Reading Glasses Riva 1.0
    As low as €19.00
  11. Reading Glasses Riva 1.5
    Reading Glasses Riva 1.5
    As low as €19.00
  12. Reading Glasses Riva 2.0
    Reading Glasses Riva 2.0
    As low as €19.00
  13. Reading Glasses Riva 2.5
    Reading Glasses Riva 2.5
    As low as €19.00
  14. Reading Glasses Riva 3.0
    Reading Glasses Riva 3.0
    As low as €19.00
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14 Items

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