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The Company


The Company

Born in the 1930's as a workshop specializing in the production of fountain pens and writing instruments, Campo Marzio has over time expanded its production line to office, leather and travel accessories an today the company is renowned all over the world for having turned common stationery items into fashion accessories characterized by vibrant colors and modern design. Today Campo Marzio designs, manufactures and distributes directly and on an exclusive basis all the products, combining its original artisan tradition with modern commercial and managerial skills, consistently pursuing the company vision and long-term projects. Campo Marzio is a constant growing reality thanks to the always increasing demand for products from worldwide markets. Since 2007 Campo Marzio is active also in Hong Kong through a representative and sales development office.

Campo Marzio Design
Campo Marzio History - fountain pens


With more than 80 years of tradition, today Campo Marzio is a leading brand with its Italian style, design and craftsmanship heritage. Campo Marzio is like a story made of many stories, like many pages within the same book: there are still many pages to be written, together with all the passionate for the writing culture, colours and Italian life-style!


Our history begins in the heart of Rome, into the elegant district known as ‘Campo Marzio’ (hence the name); it was full with picturesque small shops, side by side with international fashion boutiques. The first Campo Marzio small “Bottega Artigiana” (workshop) was specialized in unique and unusual fountain pens. As soon as this Bottega was opened, “Campo Marzio” became immediately popular amongst nobles, politicians and artists for its fine workmanship and unique writing instruments. In the “golden age” of the “Dolce Vita”, Campo Marzio was soon reckoned as "the temple of writing into the Eternal City".

Early nineties

it’s the beginning of a new era for “Campo Marzio”, which turns from local business to an international brand, under the guidance of the three founders Roberto Di Giorgio, Massimiliano Salustri and Augusto Graziani. Strong with its rich cultural and artisanal heritage Campo Marzio broadened its product lines introducing business, travel and personal accessories into its catalogue, characterized through vibrant colours and the unmistakable Italian “touch”. It was only the beginning of a path which brought the values of the original “Bottega Artigiana” all over the world.

Early nineties - writing instruments
Campo marzio fountain pens - 2000


To celebrate the Jubilee of the Catholic Church, Campo Marzio was appointed by the Pope to create a special and rare collection of precious fountain pens for the Vatican Museum. This important acknowledgment definitely launched the brand onto a world-class stage.

From 2006

Campo Marzio kept growing, expanding its retail network throughout Asia, America, Europe and Australia. Today Campo Marzio signature collections, with their vibrant colours and their original Italian design, can be found in more than 50 boutiques in 30 countries worldwide. Today Campo Marzio counts flagship mono-brand stores or branded corners in partnerships with global distributors, both present in many-high end locations and shopping malls. Whether in Milan, London, Sydney, Beijing or Vancouver, you’ll find a warm welcome into the lively world of Campo Marzio.

From 2006 - leather accessories
Today - travel accessories


The history of “Campo Marzio” goes on where all began: on the ‘Via di Campo Marzio’ in the historical downtown, the heart of shopping, fashion and design in the “Eternal City”. Thanks to almost a century of artisanal tradition, to the stunning worldwide acknowledgment and most than all to its loyal followers in every country – Campo Marzio is nowadays leading brand, offering an effective combination of craft and design, tradition and innovation, design and style. In applying fashion to writing instruments and to everything else that revolves around them, Campo Marzio has uniquely turned common stationery products into fashion accessories ideal both for the business and spare time.


Through its renewed vision the Company is determined to revive the original values of the “Bottega Artigiana” by designing, producing and marketing products and writing accessories both for the business and leisure sector. The aim is to maintain a high level of quality craftsmanship with a trendy new Italian design: in one word, to keep alive the unmistakable style of Campo Marzio.