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It’s never easy to find the perfect gift for a special person, but with Campo Marzio you are sure to find an idea for any occasion!

Discover the exclusive selection of gift ideas specially intended for men or for women: you’ll render every moment unique and memorable, regardless of your budget.

And don’t forget: the iconic Campo Marzio gift presentation is always free of charge!

Gift ideas






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  1. Shoulder Bag With Inner Bag
    Shoulder Bag With Inner Bag
    As low as €119.00
  2. Handbag With Inner Bag
    Handbag With Inner Bag
    As low as €119.00
  3. Bag Convertible In Backpack
    Bag Convertible In Backpack
    As low as €99.00
  4. Backpack Business
    Backpack Business
    As low as €299.00
  5. Portfolio A4 With Zip
    Portfolio A4 With Zip
    As low as €169.00
  6. Classic Wallet
    Classic Wallet
    As low as €79.00
  7. Wallet And Card Holder
    Wallet And Card Holder
    As low as €59.00
  8. Credit Card Holder Bi-Fold
    Credit Card Holder Bi-Fold
    As low as €49.00
  9. Double Handle Document Bag
    Double Handle Document Bag
    As low as €159.00
  10. Ladybird Keyring
    Ladybird Keyring
    As low as €35.00
  11. Heart Keyring
    Heart Keyring
    As low as €35.00
  12. Messenger With Crossbody Strap
    Messenger With Crossbody Strap
    As low as €139.00
  13. Vertical Wallet Bi-Fold
    Vertical Wallet Bi-Fold
    As low as €49.00
  14. Zip Around Wallet
    Zip Around Wallet
    As low as €79.00
  15. Keyring Flowers
    Keyring Flowers
    As low as €29.00
Set Descending Direction

Items 73-88 of 88

per page

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