Campo Marzio involves and thrills the audience through a TV commercial that represents the brand's universe thanks to lively life pills of its protagonists.

Men and women with different rhythms, attitudes and interests, although all sharing an unconventional lifestyle.

Like Campo Marzio's products, which accompany their days in an extraordinary way.

The Colour of Extraordianary




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  1. Mipo Fountain Pen
    Mipo Fountain Pen
    As low as HK$290.00
  2. Mipo Ballpoint
    Mipo Ballpoint
    As low as HK$235.00
  3. Fedor Document Holder
    Fedor Document Holder
    As low as HK$635.00
  4. Double Tote Bag
    Double Tote Bag
    As low as HK$97.30 was HK$1,500.00
  5. Notes 9x14 Multicolor Edge
    Notes 9x14 Multicolor Edge
    As low as HK$139.00
Set Descending Direction

5 Items

per page

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