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Care of Products

Tips for the care of your new Campo Marzio leather product.

Leather is a natural material, sensitive to light, moisture and water.

In order to keep your leather product in brilliant conditions and to avoid color fading, Campo Marzio suggests to protect it from prolonged exposition to high temperatures or direct sunlight. In case of contact with liquid, make sure to dry the product carefully using a soft cloth.

To keep the natural softness of leather intact, Campo Marzio recommends treating the products only with neutral leather conditioner.
When a leather product is not used, Campo Marzio recommends to store it in a protective bags (if available), in a dry place and away from sunlight.

Tips for the care and maintenance of your new Campo Marzio writing instrument.

Campo Marzio suggests to perform a thorough cleaning of your writing instrument approximately every 3 months. Such cleaning is also recommended if your pen stops working well because of dry ink clogging up the nib. Similarly, we also recommend it if you want to change the color of the ink currently being used.

It's also very important to clean your pen regularly (roughly every 2 weeks) if you use permanent ink, since the pigments contained may obstruct it.
Same, if you expect not to use your pen for a long time.

Fountain Pens cleaning and maintenance process:

  • - Remove any cartridge or converter from your pen;

  • - Gently remove the nib from the pen's barrel (usually by unscrewing it);

  • - Wash the nib in warm water for at least 1 minute ( or until there is no ink residue left);

  • - Carefully dry the nib completely using a soft micro-fiber cloth. Make sure there is no moisture left;

  • - Gently reassemble the pen and apply a new cartridge.

Remember: your Campo Marzio writing instrument is made with precious materials. Protect it from damages and scratches by storing it in a Campo Marzio pen case.

Finally, keep your pen with the nib upward whenever possible to avoid any ink leakage.