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Contemporary style and attention to functionality: whatever your destination is, find your travel bag and let the adventure begin!

Roomy, versatile and incredibly resistant, they are ideal to have all the essentials always at hand during short or long journeys.

They complete your wardrobe on the go, always bringing the Italian style with you.

Travel Bags





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  1. Liz Travel Tote Bag
    Liz Travel Tote Bag
    As low as $200.00
  2. Travel Bag Roald
    Travel Bag Roald
    As low as $269.00
  3. Travel Bag Petite Roald
    Travel Bag Petite Roald
    As low as $228.00
  4. Duffle Bag
    Duffle Bag
    As low as $255.00
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6 Items

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