Original and right in fashion, the Campo Marzio accessories have been designed to satisfy everyone’s needs, designed to bring out a person’s character.

Wallets, key holders and lots of other practical accessories to make sure you’ll always have what you need right within reach. Details – including style flourishes – that make all the difference.







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  1. Perfume Writing Set
    Perfume Writing Set
    As low as HK$485.00
  2. Business Card Holder W/Magnet
    Business Card Holder W/Magnet
    As low as HK$315.00
  3. Sorbonne Wallet
    Sorbonne Wallet
    As low as HK$1,285.00
  4. Moda Small Journal Cover
    Moda Small Journal Cover
    As low as HK$430.00
  5. Keyring Usb W/Cable
    Keyring Usb W/Cable
    As low as HK$0.00
  6. Cambridge Wallet
    Cambridge Wallet
    As low as HK$375.00
  7. Pocket Man Wallet
    Pocket Man Wallet
    As low as HK$530.00
  8. Double Business Card And Credit Card Holder
    Double Business Card And Credit Card Holder
    As low as HK$530.00
  9. Pocket Coin Wallet
    Pocket Coin Wallet
    As low as HK$745.00
  10. Fidelity Card Holder
    Fidelity Card Holder
    As low as HK$275.00
  11. New Double Key Holder
    New Double Key Holder
    As low as HK$290.00
  12. Princeton Wallet
    Princeton Wallet
    As low as HK$1,400.00
  13. Wassily Coin Holder
    Wassily Coin Holder
    As low as HK$385.00
  14. Credit Card Holder Leather
    Credit Card Holder Leather
    As low as HK$635.00
  15. Swing Key Holder
    Swing Key Holder
    As low as HK$375.00
  16. New Travel Folder
    New Travel Folder
    As low as HK$315.00
  17. Wallet With Wristlet
    Wallet With Wristlet
    As low as HK$760.00
  18. Card Holder With Zip
    Card Holder With Zip
    As low as HK$315.00
  19. Wallet Bag Envelope Style
    Wallet Bag Envelope Style
    As low as HK$850.00
  20. Keyring Flowers
    Keyring Flowers
    As low as HK$315.00
  21. Trousse Triangle with Zip
    Trousse Triangle with Zip
    As low as HK$485.00
  22. Ava Wallet
    Ava Wallet
    As low as HK$420.00
  23. Aiche Key Chain
    Aiche Key Chain
    As low as HK$320.00
  24. Charlotte Wallet Bag
    Charlotte Wallet Bag
    As low as HK$915.00
  25. Nanà Wallet
    Nanà Wallet
    As low as HK$1,070.00
  26. Egon Key Holder
    Egon Key Holder
    As low as HK$320.00
  27. Vanessa Wallet
    Vanessa Wallet
    As low as HK$950.00
  28. Currency Holder Nellie
    Currency Holder Nellie
    As low as HK$420.00
  29. Purse Lilli
    Purse Lilli
    As low as HK$375.00
  30. Purse and Wallet Anne
    Purse and Wallet Anne
    As low as HK$420.00
  31. Passport Holder Gunther
    Passport Holder Gunther
    As low as HK$700.00
  32. Case Juan
    Case Juan
    As low as HK$315.00
  33. Matilde Wallet
    Matilde Wallet
    As low as HK$315.00
  34. Neck Badge Holder Colombo
    Neck Badge Holder Colombo
    As low as HK$375.00
  35. Credit Card Holder Vanderbilt
    Credit Card Holder Vanderbilt
    As low as HK$485.00
  36. Purse Columbia
    Purse Columbia
    As low as HK$1,087.00
Set Descending Direction

42 items

per page

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