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Been invited to a graduation party but don’t know what to give? What better way to congratulate someone than present them with a gift by Campo Marzio!

From the iconic pen for symbolising the event to the handsome briefcase, foretelling a brilliant future: discover a selection of unique and exciting gifts, just like the moment the graduate is experiencing!






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  1. Acropolis Fountain Pen
    Acropolis Fountain Pen
    As low as HK$595.00
  2. Portfolio Zip A5
    Portfolio Zip A5
    As low as HK$960.00
  3. Anita Bucket Bag
    Anita Bucket Bag
    As low as HK$2,040.00
  4. Franz Cover A4
    Franz Cover A4
    As low as HK$635.00
  5. Unix Roller
    Unix Roller
    As low as HK$285.00
  6. Fountain Pen Scripta Manent
    Fountain Pen Scripta Manent
    As low as HK$1,315.00
Set Descending Direction

6 Items

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